Here we go.

A few semesters ago I told the history of Anonymous and I asked that class to pay very close attention to how it evolves as time goes on. This is part of that evolution.

Today the US Federal Government took down “Megauploads” a filesharing site that many of you are familiar with.

Here’s the story.

Later, Anonymous attacked several websites, including those of the FBI, the Department of Justice, Universal Music Group and the Motion Picture Association of America. By “attack” we’re talking about preventing anyone from accessing those websites. There have also been alleged database breaches.

Here’s a 100% mainstream “documentary” about Anonymous from CNN.

I expect you all to come to our next meeting fully prepared to discuss these developments. Do not stop at the one video I posted above. Go down the rabbit hole and educate yourself. Your “test” will be your ability to have a sustained and effective conversation next week.

Good luck.


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