And Here It is!

It was a pleasure serving you this semester!


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12 Responses to Finale

  1. digitalamericachanging says:

    Should we accept this as a work of art? Is this an original creation? If not, who does it belong to? Do we feel a sense of pride and accomplishment? Is the ergon really the creation? Is this the telos of Digital America???????

  2. coldplazma says:

    Someday after all the humans are gone, Machines will look at this like it is an archeological wonder….

  3. fishbonium says:

    I believe this should be accepted as a work of art. Like photographs or a documentary, the image captures moments of digital life, the act of browsing slowed to a trickle of heavy, information-laden drops. The music was composed on-the-spot in the digital realm, with some original samples and some taken and remixed, and the end result is something completely new, something fresh, something ours. Perhaps it belongs more to the crew who sent in suggestions, recorded samples, and actually touched the keyboard, but as witnesses and participants, it belongs to the class. If the piece didn’t belong to us, perhaps it could belong to the digital ethos, the ambiguous, omnipresent database of sound, sight, information, and culture.
    I feel a sense of pride for the class, but not for myself as an individual. I didn’t create any of those beats, I didn’t submit a picture or a sample. but I’m proud of those who did and for the class as a whole coming together, conquering the coursework, and being a part of the production even by simple presence. We have all been witness to the power of the digital throughout this semester, and to witness the digital in process on the final day of class was very fitting, and I’m proud we could all be there. At the same time, I can’t help but feel a sense of disconnection from the project, probably due to my own lack of direct participation or lack of hands-on time. I certainly wish I had a laptop, a 3g or 4g phone, and had maybe been more awake and creative myself.
    The ergon, I assume, is the work, the task, the process by which the final product came into being, and that, I believe, is the creation. The process itself is more important than what we can watch and hear as a final product on this page, as the process itself was completely digital, yet somewhat social due to the participatory nature of the process. I find this interesting, as often we’ve discussed the supremely social nature of Digital America, and how the digital is only becoming more so, albeit with varying and complicated consequences (such as cutting ourselves off from identity, “true” sociability, and “real” community).
    I suppose the meaning of process, what it is and how it defines us, is Digital America. DA is not about the film, the video game, the social networking site, or the virtual realm, but instead is about the processes that inhabit, are birthed from, are destroyed by, and are strengthened by those works. Perhaps it is not what we create, but how we create, with whom we create, that matters most and that truly allows us to see DA for what it is. No, I have no clue what it is, by the way, other than that it is a new realm with all the old meanings and meaningfulness of human life, philosophy, and dumb-shittery (read: lulz).

  4. I think it is a work of art because it used creativity and skill to make something unique. The fact that music can invoke emotional reactions and trigger memories is a part of what makes us human. So when I hear this track, I’ll always have a fond memory of our Digital America class. I do think it’s an original creation, even if we sampled some music. In legal terms, the fair use and parody clauses can be used as a defense against copyright infringement. In this case, it was transformative, used as a teaching implement, and provided “social benefit.”
    I do feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in this work, even though I didn’t personally contribute anything to it. But to have it represent the theme of our class and witness the production of it was fun and different than any other class I had. As for the last two questions, I have no clue how to answer that… But thanks for making this semester memorable!

  5. pebbles says:

    Brings a smile to my face every time I watch it, partially because of the content but more so the memory it triggers of that last class.

  6. This really makes me think about the thin line between genius and insanity

  7. It still amazes me that almost anyone presently has the ability to created something from nothing as long as he or she has the technology to do so. We have come a long way indeed.

    Would show this to the children of my grandchildren on repeat while having my wife make me a roast beef sandwich in our digital kitchen while robots dance and say praise to this great work of art we created in American Studies 334 aka Digital America.

  8. The first thing that struck me about this project was the speed at which it was created. Professor Goldberg seemed unfettered by meticulous sequencing and judicious deliberations when laying down the samples. And the outcome, even prior to class input, was something to bounce your head to. Following the students’ input, the intention behind the tacks creation really came to fruition, it became much more raw, messy, somehow akin to the disorder of our daily thoughts and interactions—it became authentic. And so I’m not sure it is a work of art any more than the art involved in soaking in the fuzzbox of noise on a bus ride involving bumps and depressions in the road, people conversing, and the roar of the engine. But that’s okay, I love it as it is, art or not.

  9. I think this pretty much sums up digital America in 3 minutes! The images that play in the background is still developing as a complete representation through the consensus, but it still does reflect much of our society today and what society considers digital America to be. This little creation was amazing, especially in the amount of time it was created! (Props!)

  10. Amy Lowell once said, “Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.” I think the finale is a work of art because it is our class’ way of expressing what Digital America means to us.

  11. alfaro7 says:

    This is the perfect finale for Digital America, taking the concepts we discussed in class then turning around and feeding it back into the loop. I hope someday a stranger runs into this piece and finds a particular sound he/she likes, and samples our work to create his own. My belief is that this track is definitely a work of collaborative art. Even though we “borrowed” from others’ works, we mixed it with our own creation and produced something with its own unique sound and rhythm.

  12. digiamerica says:

    I was super impressed at your crazy tech skills when you created this. Only one hour and a few samples to create a sick track? AMAZING! You clicked away all class like nothing, putting together a perfect blend of sounds. Truly inspiring.

    I agree with the rest of the class, this definitely sums up the semester perfectly. The images in the background are perfect for this song. I think the ptah ptah has great sampling potentials, we better keep an ear out for copyright!

    “A great artist is always before his time or behind it”
    George Edward Moore

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